Exhibition Technical Manual & Order forms


Download the SOE 2019 Technical Manual here – SOE 2019 Technical Manual

Download the Acropolis Convention Centre information (including ordering extras) here –
SOE EXHIBITOR’S GUIDE 2019 – Nice-Acropolis

Download the Acropolis Price List here –
SOE EXHIBITOR’S GUIDE 2019 – Nice-AcropolisPrice list-Exhibitors file 2019

Download the Food and Beverage information here – Acropolis Food and Beverage Information

Please note: Exhibition build up will take place on Tuesday, 11 and Wednesday, 12 June 2019 (unloading large stands will take place on the morning of Tuesday, 11 June 2019), in preparation for the Exhibition open days, Thursday, 13 June to Saturday, 15 June 2019.  IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THE EXHIBITION WILL BE CLOSED ON SUNDAY, 16 JUNE 2019.


Meritex International Ltd has been appointed as the official forwarding agency for SOE 2019 for temporary importation of goods for the Exhibition.

Please see the information below with regard to Shipping Instructions and Tariffs.

SOE Shipping instructions 2019 – Click Here
SOE TARIFF 2019 – Click Here
Please contact them directly if you require further information or assistance.

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Contact: Ms Jana Savcenko

We strongly recommend you contact Meritex International Ltd directly to discuss the best solution for your shipment.