EUPO Course in Glaucoma & Cataract


The EUPO 2019 course will take place on Saturday, 15 and Sunday, 16 June, Nice, France in conjunction with the SOE 2019 congress June.

EUPO, European University Professors of Ophthalmology, is the organiser of the annual course for residents in training.  The courses were established in 1988, involving an annual structured subspecialty in ophthalmology.  Most of the ophthalmology curriculum is covered over a 4 year period to allow residents to get an overview of theoretical knowledge during their residency period.  Every second year the EUPO Course is organised in connection with the SOE Congress.

Course Directors are: Marie-José Tassignon and Carlo E. Traverso

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Glaucoma & Cataract


08.00-8.15  Introduction to the EUPO Course

08.00-8.05   Introduction EUPO – Tero Kivelä, President

08.05-8.15   Introduction EUPO 2019 Course – Marie-José Tassignon, Course Director

08.15-9.35  Glaucoma 1: Physiology and examination techniques – Moderators:  Karl Mercieca, Luis Pinto

08.15-8.35  Pathophysiology – Karl Mercieca (UK)

08.35-8.55  Tonometry and pachymetry – Carlo Alberto Cutolo (Italy)

08.55-9.15 Gonioscopy and anterior segment OCT – Luis Pinto (Portugal)

09.15-9.35  Disc and RNFL exam – Michele Iester (Italy)

09.33-10.00  Break

10.00-11.45  Cataract 1: Pathophysiology and surgical techniques   – Moderators: Sorcha Ni Dhubhghaill, Ewa Mrukwa Kominek

10.00-10.15  Optical characteristics of the cataractous lens – Per Söderberg (Sweden)

10.15-10.30 IOL calculation: how precise are we? –  Nino Hirnschall (Austria)

10.30-10.45  IOL optics  –Marie-José Tassignon (Belgium)

10.45-11.00  Ideal wound shape and wound size  – Sorcha Ni Dhubhghaill (Belgium)

11.00-11.15    What OVD to choose? – Sorcha Ni Dhubhghaill (Belgium)

11.15-11.45 Round table: How do you diagnose these cases? – Panel and audience

11.45-13.15   Lunch

13.15-14.00  SOE: Theodor Axenfeld Lecture

13.15-14.00  A 20-year Journey Towards Gaining Insight into Glaucoma. The Thessaloniki Eye Study – Fotis Topouzis (Greece)

14.15-14.45  Glaucoma 2: Visual fields and intraocular pressure – Moderators:  Ingrida Janulieviciene, Luciano Quaranta

14.15-14.35 Perimetry  –Francisco Goni (Spain)

14.35-14.55  Glaucoma classification/differential diagnosis  – Luciano Quaranta (Italy)

14.55-15.15  Treatment principles and Target IOP  – Ingrida Janulieviciene (Lithuania)

15.15-15.35 IOP-lowering medications – John Thygesen (Denmark)               

15.35-15.45  How do you diagnose this…  Audience

15.45-16.15  Break

16.15-17.45   Cataract 2: Tips and tricks of the trade –  Moderators: Rafael Barraquer, Nino Hirnschall

16.15-16.30  Anterior capsulorhexis: how to excel – Johan Blanckaert (Belgium)

16.30-16.45  Lens extraction techniques – Nic Reus (The Netherlands)

16.45-17.00  Pediatric cataract surgery –  Christian Billotte (France)

17.00-17.15   Toric IOLs, corneal marking – Nino Hirnschall (Austria)

17.15-17.30  Myth and reality about accommodative/EDOF IOLs – Rafael Barraquer (Spain)

17.30-17.45  How do I treat this patient…  Audience


08.00-9.30  Glaucoma 3: Is medication not enough? – Moderators:  Carlo Traverso, Gordana Sunaric-Megevand

08.00-08.20  Laser treatment  – Anton Hommer (Austria)

08.20-08.40 Filtration surgery  – Barbara Cvenkel (Slovenia)

08.40-09.00  Alternativer IOP lowering surgery  – Gordana Sunaric Megevand (Switzerland) 

09.20-09.20 Phacoemulsification in glaucoma  – Carlo Traverso (Italy)

09.20-9.30  How do I treat this patient… Audience

09.30-10.00  Break

10.00-11.30  Cataract 3: The going gets tough – Moderators: Christian Billotte, Eckert Tillmann

10.00-10.15  When to call the vitreoretinal surgeon?  – Leigh Spielberg (The Netherlands)

10.15-10.30  Postoperative retinal detachment  – Eckert Tillman (Germany)

10.30-10.45  Pseudophakic macular oedema  – Laura Wielders (The Netherlands)

10.45-11.00  Pre- and postoperative prevention of endophthalmitis – Ewa Mrukwa Kominek (Poland)

11.00-11.15  Cataract and uveitis – Luc van Os (Belgium)

11.15-11.30  What to do when I see… Audience

11.30-11.45  Break

11.45-12.15  Round table: My job is difficult! Panel and audience

12.15-12.30 Closing and farewell –  Carlo Traverso, Course Director


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