Talking Poster Presentation Guidelines

All abstracts accepted for “Talking Poster” will give a short oral presentation and will also have their poster displayed as an e-poster presentation at Congress.  Your e-Poster will be available for delegates to view throughout the Congress at designated work stations.

All technical aspects of the presentations for the Congress of SOE 2019 (13-16 June 2019, Nice, France) and the EUPO Course (15-16 June 2019), will be managed by M Events Cross Media GmbH.

For e-Posters, presenters will be emailed after 1 April with instructions on how to upload their poster.  If you have not received this email by 5 April, please check your junk/spam mail and if you have still not received it, please email:

All posters should be uploaded no later than 31 May 2019.

Please note that posters cannot be uploaded on site at SOE 2019.

Further information on e-Poster presentations can be found here

“Talking Poster” presentation

All presenters will be sent an email after 21 May containing information and details on how to upload your oral presentation.  If, after 21 May, you have not received this link, please contact the M Events Helpdesk at:

Please note that 3 minutes have been allocated for each “Talking Poster” presentation, followed by 2 minutes of discussion (maximum of 3 presentation slides + CME disclosure slide). Rigorous time keeping will be enforced.

The “Talking Poster” area is equipped with a screen and a wireless mouse to control your presentation. An enthusiastic moderator will generate discussion among the audience of interested delegates.

All presenters are requested to upload their presentation, to an M Events protected server, at least three hours prior to your scheduled presentation. You may do this prior to arriving in Nice or on-site at the Speaker Service Centre.  Please find below the guidelines for submitting your presentation file(s).

The Speakers’ Support Centre (SSC) is located in the Hermes Lounge.  The SSC will be open during the following hours with technicians available to assist you:

Wednesday, 12 June              15.00-19.00
Thursday, 13 June                   07.00-18.15
Friday, 14 June                        07.00-18.15
Saturday, 15 June                   06.30-18.15
Sunday, 16 June                      07.30-13.00

Please note the following instructions:

  • On your first presentation slide, you are required to disclose all financial interests within the past 12 months preceding this Congress. If you do not have a template, we can provide you with one during your upload process.  Alternatively click here to download a disclosure template for inclusion in your presentation.
  • If you have nothing to disclose, you still need to include a disclosure statement. Please include on your first slide “I, (insert name) DO NOT have a financial interest/arrangement or affiliation with one or more organisation which could be perceived as a real or apparent conflict of interest in the context of the subject of this presentation”.
  • You are not permitted to use Company logos in your presentation slides.
  • Only MS-PowerPoint (*.ppt and *.pptx) presentations with video formats will be accepted.
  • Presentations attached to e-mails cannot be processed.
  • Remember to bring your video files as separate files if you use PowerPoint 2007 or older!
  • Please click here to download some guidelines for preparing PowerPoint slides

During the upload process, detailed online support will be available to you. If you have questions related to the uploading of your presentation(s), please contact the M Events Helpdesk at: