Wet labs









Following on from the successful Wet Labs at SOE2017 in Barcelona, the SOE2019 Congress will include Wet Labs once again.

The Wet Labs cover predominantly basic phaco cataract surgery aimed primarily at trainee ophthalmologists at the start of their training, or trainee ophthalmologists who need hands on experience in phaco cataract surgery. Intermediate phaco wet labs are also available for more advanced trainees and will allow trainees to practice various techniques such as insertion of iris hooks, Malyugin rings etc. Wet labs on suturing techniques are also available.

As at SOE2017 the wet lab sessions will run for 90–120 minutes and all participants will have their own work station fully equipped with microscope, phaco machine and audio-visual aids to assist the instructors and attendees.

The course directors and senior instructors are Dr. Khiun Tjia and Dr. Nic Reus from The Netherlands, who are assisted by several experienced wet lab instructors from different countries. Both Dr. Khiun Tjia and Dr. Nic Reus were responsible for the running of the Wet Labs at SOE2017.

Please note that places will be available on a first-come first-served basis.  Tickets must be purchased in advance. Wet lab registration is only accepted in conjunction with a registration to the SOE 2019 Congress. Wet Labs can be booked when participants register for the Congress – subject to availability.